My Assignments

Assignment Link To Image

Red Fort


We straightened the image and added some color

Bike Guy


Straightened the image and added some layers



Took out the people in the image and added some layers to give it texture

India Guy


Aligned the eyes and added some saturation




Created a layer of brightness around the centerpoint of the image, whitened the teeth and eyes



Focused on the man a little more, and cleared some spots on the faces

Snow boarding


Edited miscellaneous snowflakes out of picture and swapped faces

India Girl


Cleared some spots on her face and brightened the image

Guitar Guy


Added Light



made the guitar more vibrant so its the center point of the image



Made a magazine including myself, pretty cool stuff.

CD Cover Front


Made a CD cover and used many different techniques

CD Cover Back


Duplicated artboard and made minor changes

Lower Third


Made a lower third for a video like a news outlet would use

Lower Third Video


Video of me talking about myself with the lower third over