This is the page for all my Photoshop projects.

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc.





What I learned


Learned about crop straightening, Hue/Saturation, and Brightness/Contrast.

Aurora Learned about RAW images and using content aware fill.
BikeGuy Learned about opening with Bridge and using more of crop tool and content aware.
Man Using more of camera RAW and working with contrasts. Using black and whites, curves, and vibrance.
Kristi Played around with exposure and shadows in the RAW. Learned about healing tools and how it can fix tiny details like hair. Playing around brightness and contrast with the brush tool.
Engagement More healing tools to fix blemishes and learnig out how tmake a smart object. Also learnig how to use sharpen tool and masking.        
John  Using content aware fill to delete objects that are not needed in the background. Edited brightness and contrasts with brush tool.  
Guitar learned about unchecking delete cropped pixels and the benifits of it. Edited more brightness and contrasts to glow up the center and darken the outside. Edited vibrance and hue/saturatio. Lastly, edited black and white to reduce the strength of the shade of color and using flow on the brush tool to do it.       
Indian Girl  Adjusting image using crops and masks. Learned about shake reduction. Introduced to sponge tool to saturate or desaturate the lips. Edited curves       
Skiing  Learned face swap with clone stamp tool and edited hue and saturation. 
MagazineBlue Worked with typography and layer styles to make words appear behind.
MagazineWhite Working with layer masks to give a shattering effect as well as an illusion to show the letters behind me.
CD-Front Used Artboards and layers masks. Also, worked with smart object and rastorizing layers.
CD-Back Same thing with the front cover but added some blur and smart filters.
LowerThird.jpg Worked with Vectors and Gradients as well as custom patter overlays to make Lower Third.
LowerThirdVideo Imported video and changed resolution for it to fit well on a website.