Melbourne High School

I am a freshman at Mel High

Melbourne High School is located in Melbourne Florida. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. (only if you're interested though)






1 U.S. History Honors

Mr. Steger

History is not my strongest subject, but I still am doing good in this class. It isn't the most interesting thing in the world, but it is sometimes entertaining.
2 Pre-Calculus Honors

Mrs. Post

Mrs. Post is an amazing math teacher. Whatever she's doing, it's working for me. (Although I have a lot of homework in this class).
3 Web Design 2

Mr. Angove

Web design is one of the 3 electives I am taking this year. I love this class, and I understand most of the things I learn. We are getting certified in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Animate, and Premiere.
4 Wind Symphony Mr. Sall Band is my 2nd elective and also love this class. Music tends to come easy to me, so now that I am in the highest band class, I am being challenged more. Although I could do without marching band.
5 Pre-AP English Honors Mrs. Hatfield This is probably my hardest class. Makes sense since this is a Pre-AP class, but I always have homework and I didn't realize there were so many grammar rules.
6 Chemistry Honors Mrs. Gorichky Even though this isn't an elective, it's one of my favorite classes. We get to do hands on things and it's a lot of fun. We don't have a lot of hard work, it is just time-consuming and sometimes hard to understand the concept at first.
7 Musical Theatre

Mr. Savickis

I love this class. I didn't take it last year because I had to take spanish, but I am so glad I took it this year. I have a lot of fun in this class. We just finished performing Matilda, and it was tiring, but worth it.


Map to Mel High