1.) Project Intro

  1. Benefits of coding

2.) Setting up the Workspace HTML5

  1. Split-view
  2. Work space tools

3.) Page Structure

  1. html form
  2. header
  3. body

4.) Adding Text Content

  1. How to insert text into your website from desing view or code view
  2. H1
  3. Make a quotation by changing the text font to italics
  4. Blockqoute

5.) Adding Images

  1. Inserting pictures into your website
  2. Copyright

6.) Creating Lists

  1. Orders Listst <ol>
  2. Unordered <ul>

7.) Creating Tables

  1. Making a table

8.) Adding Hyperlinks

  1. Linking other sites into our website
  2. linking other sites using the property inspector

9.) More about Images

  1. Adding images into our table
  2. Change the width and height of our images to look the same

10) Copyright and Hotlinking

  1. Copyright rules

11.) Introducing CSS

  1. Using CSS to style our website

12.) Styling body and text

  1. changing background color
  2. changing text font

13.) Styling lists, tables, and hyperlinks

  1. Changing our hyperlinks color by using CSS
  2. styling our lists and tables using CSS
  3. making a body, p, ol, ul, and ol

14.) Project Planner (Super Fan Page)

  1. Using our CSS to make a th to style our graph