School Information

You will find various information about my School!

About my school:

Melbourne High School or Mel-Hi is a public secondary school located in Melbourne, Florida, United States and operated by Brevard Public Schools. The mission of Melbourne High School is to inspire students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives, embrace learning as a pathway to success, and contribute to our society as responsible citizens.

My classes:

1 AP Lang


 Read literature, and prepare for the AP lang test and the end of the year.
2 Economics Franco We learn about economics, economics principles, stocks, etc.
3 Web Design 2 Watson  In this class we learn how to design, and create websites.
4 AP Computer Science Advanced Post  We go more in depth into java programming.
5 Algebra 2 Shanosky  Learn more about algebra, and build on our skills from algebra 1.
6 Physics 1 Dooley  Learning about how the world moves, and how gravity and other things work.
7 Spanish 1 Schwenke  Introduction to spanish, and learning to speak it.

Map of our School: