School Page

I go to school at Melbourne High school

Here are the classes I take and a bit about them



1 English 4 Mrs. Cosgrove For my 1st period class I have english with Mrs. Cosgrove and in this class we read books and do assignments on them
2 Financial Adgebra Mrs. Weems In my 2nd period class we learn about how to be responsible with money and to stay out of debt.
3 Web Design 2 Mr. Angove For my 3rd period class I have Web design and in this class we make websites like this one using dreamweaver. We also learn Adobe photoshop, premiere pro, and animate.
4 Law Studies Mr. Slattery In this period we learn all about the United States legal system.
q Marine Science Mr. Hall In this class we learn about marine life
6 Weight Training Coach Edwards My last Class of the day we go to the weight room to work out and learn how to properly work differnt muscles.
8 Home Room Mrs. Stables Every monday we have home room and here we watch announcement videos from the school.