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This is my Photoshop Page

I hope you like it.




Work Link or Picture

01-Red Fort

We used photoshop to crop the image and we changed and we got rid of some of the people.


We changed the brightness and the hue and saturation using the adjustments panel.we worked with raw images.

03-Bike Guy

We used the straighten tool in photoshop to adjust the fence and we cropped the image.


We changed the hue and saturation of the image and the vibrance.


We made the part were Kristi is brighter and we made the area around her dark.


We used the spot healing tool to fix some of the blemishes on their face and we brightened their eyes and teeth.

02-3-GH-John 0.3.jpg

We changed the hue and saturation of the image and changed the color and I added a blur to it.

02-4-Guitar .png

We made the image darker and we added a layer mask to the image and we took some of the color out of the image and highlighted the person and and added vibrance to it.


We straightened the imag and we changed the color and hue and saturation.


We did a face swap from another image that looked the same but we just took out some things.


We took pictures of ourselves and we designed our own magazine covers.



We used photoshop to to make a blur and we added the background of the cd for the back.


We used the internet for inspiration and we created our own magazine using photoshop.


We used Photoshop to create a lower third design and we used the internet for inspiration.

05-23-LowerThird-01.mp4 video

We created a short video of ourselves and we added the lower third design to the bottom of it.