This is where I make all my photoshops






Work Link in Picture
01- Red Fort
02- Aurora
03- Bike guy
04- Main



05- Kristi

Introduced to layer masks, raw pictures

06- Engagement

Cropping, Adjusting, Layer Masks and putting into to focus.


07- Guitar Man


Layer Mask, Brighteness and contrast, vibrance and cropping.


08- Guitar

Cropping the picture, Layer masks for a brighter effect and adjustments.

09- Indian Girl


Editing street photos, aligned the photo and change colors.

10- FaceSwap

Used the FaceSwap feature to swaps the man's face

11- Leap 1

Learned about typography and layer styles.

12- Leap 2

Layer masks.

13- CD Front
14- CD Back
15- LowerThird